How to Purchase

1. Enter a quantity into the "Qty:" field that is above the item picture.
2. Click the "Add items to my cart" button at the bottom of page.
3. When you are finished selecting items, click the "Checkout" button, and follow the instructions on the following screens.

You can see the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking the "Shopping Cart" button.

Methods of Payment

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and JCB credit cards, travelers checks, and direct funds transfer (Western Union). We do not accept personal checks, company checks, cashiers checks or money-orders. Prices are listed in US dollars (US$), but we can accept other currancies. Talk to us if you would like to arrange a special form of payment.

Online Ordering

This is the easiest and fastest method. For online orders you must pay with a credit card. We currently accept only Visa, MasterCard and JCB. Your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped. The order you submit is shipped within 48 hours.

If you do not feel comfortable submitting your order over the internet, you can use one of the following order methods:

Faxing your order

After selecting items in the gallery, clicking the "checkout" button, and filling out the order form, click the "Printable form" page to display a page with all information that you can print and fax to us. With this method you may only pay with a credit card.

The fax number is:
0090 (212) 5276859

Mailing your order

After selecting items in the gallery, clicking the "checkout" button, and filling out the order form, click the "Printable form" page to display a page with all information that you can print and mail to us. Be sure to also include payment in the form of credit card or travelers check.

The mailing address is:
Les Arts Turcs 1 ( Gallery )
Alemdar Mah. Incili Cavus St. No:19 Floor:3 
(Behind the Underground Cistern ) 
Sultanahmet 34400 Istanbul, Turkey
Google Maps      :

Les Arts Turcs 2 ( Senguler Tourism - Travel Agency & Art Gallery )
Ishakpasa Cd. No: 6 – Sultanahmet / ISTANBUL
We are located near the Main entrance of Topkapi palace. Down the road.
Google Maps :

Phoning in your order.

Tel : +90 212 527 68 59
Tel : +90 212 638 12 15
Mobile : +90 544 2201022
Fax : +90 212 527 68 59

We answer the phones whenever we are here, which is uaually from 08:00 to 22:00 GMT.

Paying in person

Probably the least convenient, but definately the most fun. :-) We welcome you in our real gallery anytime.

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We can ship your order to almost anywhere in the world. You choose between APS (an inexpensive Turkish shipping company), or DHL (worldwide express), on the order form page (the page after you click "checkout"). APS is significantly less expensive, but is slower. DHL is fast (usually 2 days to anywhere), and the packages can be tracked on their website. Shipping prices are regulated according to the weight and size of the item. Please contact us if you plan order over 10 kilograms so that we may arrange special, less expensive transportion.

APS shipping costs
WeightCost per item
0-1000 gramsUS$15
1001-2000 gramsUS$20
2001-3000 gramsUS$25
3001-4000 gramsUS$30
4001-5000 gramsUS$36
5001-6000 gramsUS$41
6001-7000 gramsUS$44
7001-8000 gramsUS$50
8001-9000 gramsUS$56
9001-10000 gramsUS$62
DHL shipping costs
WeightCost per item
0-500 gramsUS$34
501-1000 gramsUS$51
1001-1500 gramsUS$63
1501-2000 gramsUS$75
2001-2500 gramsUS$87
2501-3000 gramsUS$97
3001-3500 gramsUS$107
3501-4000 gramsUS$117
4001-4500 gramsUS$127
4501-5000 gramsUS$137
5001-5500 gramsUS$144
5501-6000 gramsUS$151
6001-6500 gramsUS$158
6501-7000 gramsUS$165
7001-7500 gramsUS$172
7501-8000 gramsUS$179
8001-8500 gramsUS$186
8501-9000 gramsUS$193
9501-10000 gramsUS$207


Many people have some doubts about the safety of shopping on the internet. The main thing concern is that their credit card information will be used by someone else. Statistics have shown that using your credit card for purchases on the internet is significantly safer than using it any other way (over the phone, mail, or even face-to-face). We beleive that shopping with your credit card is even safer than paying by check. Even if your credit card number is stolen, you will not be responsible for any unauthorized purchases. Or if there is a problem with your purchase, the purchase will also be removed from your bill by the credit card company.

Return Policy

Any undamaged item can be returned for any reason within 30 days. Upon receipt of the item, we will credit your credit card for the price. Returns will be charged a 10% restocking fee. All returns must be in as-shipped condition. Sorry, no refunds can be made after 30 days. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable unless we made an error. If there are any problems with your order, please contact us by email or on the contact page.