Think of it as a working vacation...

Les Arts Turks is rapidly expanding beyond the confinds of our normaly capable team. At first, we were just a couple art galleries in Istanbul. Now we are, in addition to the galleries, an internet company with the whole world as our audience. As a result, many new tasks requiring new skills are upon us. Specifically, we can immediately use artists, photographers, writers, translators, web designers and salespersons/marketing experts. In keeping with our philosophy of working with students and artists at a personal level, we encourage those to apply that would themselves benefit from being on our team. Students, and travellers who want to experience Turkish culture first-hand are perfect for this opportunity.

...and an unforgetable experience

Working in Istanbul is a benefit in itself -- gorgeous weather, the beautiful sea, delightful cuisine, a modern yet ancient city between the east and west. This is an opportunity to have an inside perspective of Istanbul, you will have a cultural experience much richer than if you were to meerly visit as a "tourist." This is the perfect chance to learn Turkish, or if you speak other languages, to practice them -- everybody here is multilingual (except Quinn). You will have the opportunity to study and improve skills in a professional production environment.

Other options

Aside from the opportunities at Les Arts Turcs, we may be able to find you work here in Istanbul in the tourist industry -- hotels, restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, teaching english, au pair (baby sitting), are all looking for energetic workers.

Are you ready for an adventure?

If you are interested, send us a note using the form below. Tell us what you have to offer, and ways we might contact you, and we will return the favor with something we hope you cannot refuse. Pass this offer on to your friends too!

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