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Je voudrais plus d'info, s'il vous plait...
CAMPOY bruno <>
StJust-StRambert, Dept42Loire France
Now Congratulations for your great web page. Thank you very much for your visit to my website about the North of Spain (the Pirynees Mountains). As you say the 3D panoramics are really superb... I love Misir Carsisi, Rüstempasa Camii, DolmabahÇe....
Manuel Lorenzo

3D Spain
I am looking on every thing on oriental dances, books, photos, magazines, videos, music....
I am from morocco. thanks

for a work I am looking on videos on derviche, tannoura, zar dance, soufi dance, trance or oriental dance from all the world! please write me in french spanish english
thanks a lot

I am seriously impressed with the art site and the quality of art. Excellent
Im looking for my brother and sister who they are in one of the Turkey compus butIdont know the address,there Names are Fatuma Liku and Swaleh Liku any one having the Information please let me know.

Hamisi <>
Antwerp, Belgium
Why underdeveloped country leaders richer than developed country leaders!

Social Solidarity <>
Kayseri, ic ANADOLU Turkiye
It is very nice site. And surprise. We have a site too. Peace
Kemal Ayyildiz <>
Hillside, NJ USA
Hi there,
Great job, beautiful website very interesting turkish artwork. I've enjoyed Istanbul and turkish friends, always when I visited, it's a great city.
I hope I can make to come again some day.
Thanks for your letting me know about your website.

Your Kosovar Albanian friend
living in Auckland
Agron Gjerqeku

Agron Gjerqeku <>
Auckland, New Zealand
pourquoi l'abscence des bains turques (hammam )

noura <>
pourquoi l'apscence des bains turques (hammam )

noura <>
Hi, Nurogan, How are things over there in Istanbul. We are all well. All the best,

Elaine <>
Paris, France
Hi, Nurogan, How are things over there in Istanbul. We are all well. All the best,

Elaine <>
Paris, France
j'adore votre site, continuez dans vos efforts.
surtout le forum est intéressant.

hanane <>
paris, france
Les Arts Turcs has sent so many visitors to my site! I just wanted to let everyone know that DARKERS is now available. Check,,, and for your copy.

Let me know what you think of it!

Lisa DuMond <>
Tallahassee, Florida USA
Les Arts Turcs has sent so many visitors to my site! I just wanted to let everyone know that DARKERS is now available. Check,,, and for your copy.

Let me know what you think of it!

Lisa DuMond <>
Tallahassee, Florida USA
türk milleti var oldukça islamın sancaktarlığını yapacak ve elbette bu sancağı dünyanın en üst noktasına dikecektir.
fatih <>
ankara, turkiye
i like this section. no commen for time being.
KUALA LUMPUR, kedah malaysia
I'm looking for Miree Abrahamsen, maybe someone can help me with her e-mail adress

Michiel quist <>
Utrecht, The Netherlands
turkish folklore international folklor festival in turkey and festival organisation.
turkish folklore traditional folklore international folklore festival harmanist
world folk seminar

ıstanbul, folklore istanbul turkey
Es magnifico tener esta informacion en el web.Gracias

Noel Lacayo <>
Montreal, Quebec Canada
I am looking for a

I am looking to locate a Turkish painter Named Karabulut, living in America

Ralph <>
New York, New York USA
Very classy and content rich. Anything promoting art and culture is fine by us. In fact we have linked to one of your pages (miniatures). We urge you on to bigger and better things. Obviously you are capable of it.

Although not in the same class, we also have web page called 'Istanbul Diary'. It is about daily life in Istanbul, our travels in Turkey... and many other goodies...

All the best in you endeavours.

Tayfun, Sule and Boyd Kaan

Tayfun <>
Istanbul, Turkey
Your web site is very interesting.
We invit you to visit,
a turkish web site

dominique <>
nancy, france
Dear Sirs/Madams,

my sincere compliments.

With the best wishes,


M.H.Ceman <>
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nice site, beautiful art and nice people!!!
Maria Pinon Pereira Dias <>
Campinas, Sao Paulo Brazil
I like the site layout very much. If I were not in school full-time for the next year working on my MCSE +I, A+, CNA and Linux Certs I would apply to work for you in the capacity of web developement and design. My wife is Turkish and we plan on moving to Istanbul in the next 1 1/2 year.....Hope you have work for me then!!!

Keep up the good work on the site.........

Wade Grant <>
Sarasota, Florida USA
To be a part of something like this has always been a deam of mine. To work with and live amountg others that
lived and enjoyed art and creativity of every kind
is a life that would have bee well lived.

Michelle Lee <>
Dallas, Texas USA
my name is mohamed
iam 19 years old
i`d like to have friends all over the world

mohamed <>
egypt, banha
And what a great website it is...! Hi, I'm Rik from the Netherlands and I'm thinking about coming to Istanbul and work for Les Arts Turcs as a webdesigner for a while after I graduate Multimedia this october. It sounds very attractive and besides that I loveee Istanbul. Can hardly wait!
Rik van Veen <>
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Dolu dolu mukemmel bir kaynak olma yolunda. Sitede emegi bulunan herkese tesekkur ederim.
Murat Yilmaz <>
Tokyo, Japan
I just returned from a long journey in Turkey. It was simply wonderfull. Your site is a great inspiration for the setting of my photo album.
Johan Thiriart <>
Luxembourg, Luxembourg Luxembourg
I would like information about dervish and turcs. I w'like visit estambul soom. I preferd the information in spanish if you can do it, if not in english in good. thanks.
julio pereira <>
caracas, dto. federal venezuela
Cok güzel! Beautiful site and mission
David Escott <>
Pamplona, Navarra Spain

Some adventurous souls in Turkey came to visit at hikeeba! Since I cannot track down each surfer, I'll have to do the next best thing and put a big thank you to you all.

Come back soon! New reviews are posted regularly and DARKERS will be out in June 2000 from Hard Shell Word Factory.


Lisa DuMond <>
Tallahassee, FL USA
Such an excellent work! I'm still in shock, I'll definetly come to Turkey this summer. I wanna congratulate everyone whom worked on this site, and also thank you Sevgi for letting me know about it. See you in Turkey!
John Macmillan
Stafford, England
Bonjour. Je dois féliciter en retour Nurdogan et tous les autres pour ce très beau site, très agréable à visiter, et très instructif. Et pour ceux qui voudraient un point de vue complémentaire sur la Turquie (mais pas seulement), vous êtes tous les bienvenus sur A bientôt.
Claude <>
A beautiful site. Cok guzel. Will visit you in person in April of this year.
Chuck Carsner <>
Austin, TX USA
Cok degerli bir bilgi kaynagi,
devamli olmasini diliyorum.

Metin Karaca <>
Old Bethpage, NY USA
Hi,congratulations for this excellent site. As being an Turkish artist, I am proud of you.
umut demirguc <>
college station, TX usa
Sitenizde çok hos vakit geçirdim.Içerik yönünden çok zengin ve hayli arastirma yapilarak hazirlandigi belli oluyor.
Size çalismalarinizda basarilar diliyorum.Zaman zaman ugrayacagim bir adresim daha oldu.Size tesekkür ediyorum.

canan <>
istanbul, turkiye
Siteniz gerçekyen çok başarılı. Üzerinde çok emek harcanmış şeyler kendini hemen belli ediyor. Başarılarınızın devamını dilerim...
Cok guzel calisma, Basarilar dilerim. Sevgilerimle Dilek

Dilek <>
Istanbul, Turkiye
Dear Nurdogan & Ali, Wishing you both and all at "Les Arts Turcs" a Happy New Year in 2000. Having left Japan (temporarily??) for work and study here in Morocco, I find my life surrounded by the art, music and rythms of Arabic life. Experiencing Ramadan for the first time was very interesting. If I can get the time and the money together to visit you again this year to talk about all of this I will be very glad. Especially to see how things have changed there since I was there last.
Wishing you Great Success in this New Year of 2000!

Daniel Brosky <>
Casablanca, MOROCCO
...very impressive, keep it up!
Peter <>
Hamont, Belgium
Kaliteli ve faydalı bir site hazırlamışsınız.

Tebrik ederim.

Sitenizdeki hüsn-ü hat örneklerinden bazılarını sitemde kullanmama izin verirseniz sevinirim.

fatih kaya <>
istanbul, TR TR
kaliteli ve faydalı bir site hazırlamışsınız. Tebrik ederim.Sitenizdeki hüsn-ü hat örneklerinden bazılarını sitemde kullanmama izin verirseniz sevinirim.

fatih kaya <>
istanbul, TR TR
Hi ferit,your homepage is very interesting and classy.i very like it but i don't know how to do it.In here i want congratulations you because you are the succesful to do your homepage.
Then last i hope you have a Happy New Millennium.
Best Wishes,

irene82 <>
Batu Pahat, Johor, Johor Malaysia
Keep it up!!!
Judith Bautista <>
Manila, Philippines
cool site!
Very interesting and classy.

Michelle <>
Gercekten güzel sayfalar. Ama herkes ingilizce yada baska lisanlarda yazmislar. Ben Türkçe den baska bir dili iyi bilmedigim icin Turkce yazayım dedim. Bu güzel sitenin devamınıda bekliyorum.
Selman SINMAZ <>
istanbul, Turkiye
Enjoyed your website. I just returned from Istanbul and Kusadasi and wish I had seen this before my trip!
Kelli Henderson

ok. Interesting. Congratulations
Jaime Marin <>
Barcelona, Catalunya SPAIN
Just to say thanks for your email and congratulate for such and informative page. I might be touring Australia and Turkey soon so will keep your address. If possible will send courtesy tickets for my presentation. Thanks Nurdogan and keep in touch with my page.
Gabriel Rodriguez, bassist <>
San Juan, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Hi! Nice site!
Tomas Johansson <>
Stockholm, se Sweden
Hello, your page is well done with all the different arts. Thank you for visiting Artparadise.
At the end of the year I plan some projects. It would be nice to work together. When time has come I'll send you a mail.
Greetings from Artparadise

Bernd <>
Wuerzburg, Bavaria Germany
Hi Webmaster !
I enjoyed my visit here. I also hope, that our countries will live in peace and harmony.

I adore Istanbul, it's history
and culture...I am very interested in Ottoman calligraphy!!!! Beautiful!!!
I hope to visit the museum of
calligraphy in Istanbul soon.

Jeen <>
New Jersey USA
Hi Nurdogan,
I must say that you did an exellent job
with your site.
Loved watching the Mosaics,
especialy shopie's Lady - gave me
the feeling to sketch ; )
Keep up the good work!

Lilah <>
Jerusalem, Israel
Dear Nardogan,Thank you for your wonderful website. We are on the Sufi path (Sufi Order of the West), the Sufi Message as brought to the West by Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan from India in the early 1900's. We run a B&B on Gambier Island near Vancouver B.C. - rainforest, deer, eagles, many other birds. We both love Rumi and were delighted to see his poetry and to feel his spirit on your site. We would love to visit you and also take a trip to Konya , Inshallah.
Leagh (Karim)and Margaret (Jalilah)Gabriel <>
Gibsons, (province) B.C. Canada
Beutifull, Thanks
Bui Thanh Phuong <>
Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Depuis que l'on se connait, je n'avais pas encore eu l'occasion de visiter votre site. Je ne suis pas déçu, il est génial à votre image à tous.
Amitiés à Ali, Rinaldo, Nurdogan et tous mes Amis.

A blessed and lovely website reflective of the spirituality and love of life of the Turkish Ottomans and Mevlana.


mateen siddiqui <>
mtn. view, ca usa
Nurdogan, je te souhaite ainsi qu'à tous les amis d'Istanbul beaucoup de courage suite à l'incendie qui a ravagé "les arts turcs". Il ne faut laisser tomber, tu fais un travail admirable pour les artistes,
Lenoir Vincent <>
Calais, FRANCE
I am happy to see a web page like yours. Thanks a lot sharing this great site with all the art-lovers.
Best wishes,
Safa Bute

Adana, Turkey
... More in English would be good. Have fun and keep up the good work.
All the best

Duncan <>
Manchester, England

If you want to know about japan. Please come to my Pearl of Asia World ^o^
Pearl of Asia World <>
Kurashiki, Osaka japan

Looking good! You guys are getting more done all the time. Keep it up!
Jon & Cindy Goossen <>
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Hey! Guess those Daughters of Ataturk love your web page! Web page is as awesome as ever. Keep up the good work!
Mark Stephan <>
W. lafayette, In USA

Hello Nurdogan,

Thanks to your help I visited
Istanbul last year and it was
a wonderful week end.
Congratulations for your web
Hope to see you again.

Philippe <>
Paris, France

Cannot wait to visit your store in Istanbul
Janice Fishbein <>
Woodland Hills, CA USA

Je rentre juste d'Istanbul. Ton site est super sympa. Pas assez de photos pourtant à mon gout ...
Je n'ai qu'une envie, c'est de retourner à Istanbul et dans le reste de la Turquie parce que je n'ai pu y passer que 3 jours.
Les pages Istanbul Insolite sont géniales.

PS : j'ai trouvé que les Turcs en général étaient tops. Encore un avantage du séjour...

Cécile <>
Paris, France

Nous avoir beaucou aimer votre
pays grace à très jolies image internet.Nous vouloir venir vite visité camarades turc pour boire trè beaucous vodka et danse avec derviche
et femme grasses du ventre

Rinaldo and c°'s fan club
bombay(zé), de Russie

C'est avec une grande joie que je signe ce livre d'or car je vous trouve tous vraiment hors du commun par votre gentillesse et votre sens de l'accueil et aussi par le talent des artistes...
merci pour tous les bons moments passés en votre compagnie!!!.

delphine <>
Villeneuve sur lot, France

Hello Nurdogan and Ali
You have done a wonderful job creating such a wonderful web page to introduce our unique culture and beautiful country.Congratulations.

Mehmet YALNIZ <>
Los Angeles, California USA

I finally decided to sign your guest book, although this is not my first visit. Greeat site. Thank you for all your help with my upcoming trip in April. Can not wait to see Istanbul!
Cynthia <>
Minnesota USA

Great site,images, information and products about Turkey...keep it up!
Ronald James DeNardo <>
Atlanta, Georgia United States

Fransa'dan Nurdogan'a ve Turkiye'e merhaba!

Sanirim oldukça çok insan senin yakinligindan soz ediyordur!
Yurdumuzun guzellikleri yabancilara tanitmak çok gururlu bir davranis!
Boylece bizler de Yurtdisindan seninle sohbet etme imkanini buluyoruz!
Je passerais également un grand bonjour à toute la "Francophonie"!
A Bientôt!

Lale <>

Hi Nurdogan!

You're so famous that lots of people can't forget you.
I'd like to speak about Turkish inmigrants in Europe.
Can we succeed in introducing our culture to others?

I hope there will be lots of people who will deal with this issue?
I must leave you so see you soon,goodbye!

Lale Karabulut <>
Chambéry France

Groovy site! (I've bookmarked it already) How about a section specifically on historic architecture, something Turkey has in spades.
G-man <>
Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5RP

Excellent start Nurdogan, hope you never stop adding, Turkey has so much to offer! I'll probably make my 12th visit to Turkey soon and will see you then, in the meantime I'll be visiting Les Art Turcs regularly, it's great!
mari <>
S.A. living in U.K. happy to say have lived in Turkey

Hi Nurdogan!
Your site looks wonderful - very beautiful graphics and lots of interesting information. I can't wait to visit Istambul. (One suggestion: more information should be translated into English for all those sorry monoglots out there like me.)

Vanessa <>
Toronto, Canada

You have a wonderful site, a real winner !
Bill Darling <>
Orlando, Fl US

Your site is looking great.
I am interested in Turkish music.
Keep up the good Work. Come visit my site sometime. Thanx

Nob <>
Nagasaki, Japan

Je suis sur ton site. Il est superbement bien fait et nous offre un périple digne de son super guide! En ce samedi matin de Montréal, je n'aurais pas cru faire un voyage en Turquie ! Comme si j'y étais. Il n'y manque que les odeurs, et encore là, on a presque l'impression qu'elles nous parviennent à travers l'écran. En tout cas, donne envie de prendre l'avion ! Ah! les DEJEUNER SUR L'HERBE A ADAMPOL, sans oublier DEGUSTATION DE VIN AU MONASTERE ST-GEORGES !! ahhh! retenez-moi!! La photo de la "Mosquée bleue" est féérique ! Je te remercie pour ce magnifique tour que tu offres par ton site.
Huguette Bertrand <>
Montréal, Québec

J'ai bien aimé et c'est très instructif et j'y retournerai une autre fois la visiter plus en profondeur.Merci!
André Garceau <>
Québec, Canada Québec


You've been so nice in your mails ynd I hope, that we'll stay in touch in future. I can't wait to visit your country and your art galery!

See you soon! :)


Ziva <>
Kranj, Slovenija

Chouette! Une page très agréable. Merci pour l'invitation ;) Ton ami, du Mexique.
César Napoleón Melchor Bazaldúa <>
Monterrey, Nuevo León México

Hi Nurdogan,
Your site is comming on just fine. But you should have more of the text translated into English, most of your friends who have signed your guestbook, writes in English. Keep ut the great work. Have a nice stressfree day.

Laila <>
Brussels, Belgium

Hi Nurdogen,
You have been so wonderful in your emails to me and helping me to understand your culture much better. I will be visiting in September and can hardly wait to visit your shop and see all the marvelous things you have and to have my hands done at your shop with henna. That will be awesome!!!!

Joann <>
Johnstown, PA

Hey, congratulations on the awesome webpage. I'm so excited that a Turkish website is finaly getting on the web. Ever since I actually visited Les Arts Turcs in Istanbul, I've been hoping the news of it would spread. I'm glad it finaly did. Great job to all those involved! See you this summer!
Mark Stephan <>
W. Lafayette, In. USA

Fotograflar ve ince dusunulmus, ayrýntýlý calýsma cok güzel, tebrikler
Istanbul, Turkey

Nurdogan hi!
A brief but sincere note of thanks for your hospitality to the Art Students from Australia
I know that many of them felt that visiting you, Sergie and Milec was a highlight for them in Istanbul.
The standard of work Sergie and Milic produce is very high indeed and many of my students are proud to have been
able to bring some of their work back to Australia.
I would like to also thank you Nurdogan for your help while in Istanbul, particularly for your help in getting to the
Dervish Ceremony, an experience my wife and I will never forget.
Congratulations on the Web Pages the are well produced and informative.
Intend to visit them often and will recommend everyone to do the same.
Neil & Joan Wanstall

Neil Wanstall <>
Mulgrave, Victoria Australia

Hi Nurdogan,
I like your page and like the graphics. Best of luck. Geri from Florida

Geri DeNicola <>
Satellite Beach, FL USA

Hi, thanks for sending me an e-mail and letting me know about your site. I found it extremely interesting. I would loves to visit Istanbul someday. Natalie.
Natalie <>
Dublin, Ireland

Nurdogan - The web site is shaping up nicely. Agree that background music would add some "intrigue" to the beautiful pictures ! I also agree with making the left hand column narrowed to allow more viewing space for your main text/photos. Bright contrasting colors and/or animation/video would be a nice addition. As you know we will meet soon and looking forward to it. If this page is any indication of what's to be seen...I can hardly wait! J.
Judi <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Great idea the guestbook thing I like it a lot. This website is a great way to travel in your home. See ya!@
Camille Gomez <>

Hi, Your website (postcard) is wonderfull.
You'r post card system is very good.


T.Atchuthan <>
Colombo, col Sri Lanka

Hi Nurdogan.Your site looks wonderfu. Hopefully many people will visit Istanbul and experience how interesting your city is. Good luck with all the wonderful artists in your gallery.
naomi taubleb <>
nnyc, ny usa

Bodrum 98
Hi Ali, how are you? It's so fine to have contact with you on your beautiful web-site. It gives us a feeling of being at home. The pictures of Istanbul are very nice - perhaps we will visit your hometown someday. But only, if you are our guide.
Have a nice time.

Christina, Monika, Steffi, Sonja
Brilon, NRW near Hessen Germany

Bodrum 98
Sonja, Christina, Monika, Steffi
Brilon, NRW near Hessen Germany

Thanks for being so very patient with my sporadic email.
Hope to visit and see you in person soon.

Helen Tsu <>
La Mirada, CA USA

Merci pour l'invitation. J'ai passé un très bon moment.
Meudon, Hauts de Seine France

I enjoyed your site very much.Wish I could hear the music.That would be nice.
New York USA

Hi All,
I will come to Istanbul in July '99 while travelling over East-South Europe .,. I am looking forward to get to know you all!
All the best,

Daniela <>
Wiesbaden, Germany

I haven't yet been to Istanbul, but I am looking forward to seeing it. I hear it's beautiful. I see that Nurdogan is popular. I can't wait to meet you. I am sure you are as pleasant as everyone is saying. See you in a few months. I will have to add a link to this page on my website.
Jack <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

recibi la direccion de su pagina de ser posible
busco informacion de su arquitectura

juan aguirre <>
Mexico, ciudad de mexico

It is a very nice page , very rich with lots of different information , I personally am always interested in the Sufi Traditon .
teresa brandao <>
rio de janeiro, rio de janeiro Brasil

Just wanted to let everyone know that I first met Nurdogan on the internet. He was very helpful in responding to my questions about Istanbul and Turkey in general. I visited Turkey in October '98 and met up with Nurdogan. He is a great guy!!! He owns a lovely carpet shop that's perfect for browsing through and sells a variety of terrific souvenirs. He also introduced me to the Whirling Dervishes and brought me and a couple of others to a Whirling Dervishes Ceremony. It was fantastic. I highly recommend it! You should also visit Nurdogan's art gallery, which is just around the corner from his carpet shop. His gallery promotes the beautiful artwork, hand paintings by various talented artists. All for very reasonable prices. Turkey is quite safe for women, esp. Istanbul. I always travel alone, and I've never felt any danger in Istanbul. If you want to read up on women & safety in Turkey, Lonely Planet's guide to Turkey can also be very informative. For more information about Istanbul or Turkey in general, you can contact him at

Cindy <>
New York, NY USA

Gracias por el e mail enviado, su pagina es fabulosa y es de gran utilidad para mi ya que pienzo visitar Estambul en el mes de Julio/99 y también todo su pais. Los felicito y los molestare con pedidos de informacion. sigan adelante
Gualberto Barbera <>
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thank you very much for inviting me to your site. I'm a fervorous admiror of the Turkish culture and this site appears as a window of your art and traditions. Keep working on it. I hope to listen to some Turkish music through your site in a near future.
Manuel Trute <>
Panama City, Panama

He disfrutado mucho con la informacion de vuestra Web, espero en un futuro no muy lejano visitar vuestro pais.
Hasta siempre

Eduardo Cots <>

i'm happy having found this page,

champ chomp

Thanks for your invitation. Your site is very interesting, and I'm afraid you can improve it: it'd be important to have all the texts in English too; the photos are very good (to speed up the loading you could use HEIGHT and WIDTH in HTML code); the frame on the left (menu) could be narrower to leave more space for the right one and improve the presentation of your pictures. I'll be waiting for the carpets and kilims galleries. Keep up the good work. Regards from nelson
nelson gonçalves <>
Peniche, Portugal

Gracias por recordarme los momentos que pasamos mi esposa y yo en tu pais.
Antonio Sánchez-Barriga Fernández <>
Madrid, Madrid Spain

Very nice page I saw here!
Best regards from Tom.

Tom Jutte <>
Zeist, Netherlands

thanks for invite me to see your page
eduardo jaramillo <>
bogota, colombia

A good page, with an interesting content, excellent photos;
and assorted topics about of the art of turquia.

You do not forget to check my page web and sign my guestbook

Hancer Sánchez <>
Caracas, DF Venezuela

Hola Nur!!! a ver si terminas del todo tu web y cada vez que tengamos un ataque de añoranza la visitamos enterita!!! :) Lo que has hecho hasta ahora es una auténtica maravilla. Volvere a firmar!!!!
Titon, Josep y Amanda <>
Figueres, Girona catalunya

Hi guys ! keep up the great work. would love to see you soon either in the States or in Istanbul.....
Jonathan and Brenda Mack <>
Worcester, Massachusetts USA

Ja, så får jeg vel skrive litt på norsk også da, siden du bad så pent om det:) Alle norske som kommer innom denne siden, ikke sant den er kjempefin? Flott arbeid, virkelig! Håper den blir ofte oppdatert!
Klem fra Marte!

Marte <>
Oslo, Norway

Bonjour Nurdogan ! Ca prend vraiment forme, ce site, maintenant...On s'y croirait...C'est vraiment bien fait, et très sympa de pouvoir "vivre" un peu Istambul à travers ce site. Je ne manquerai pas de le recommander à tout plein de copains, "c'est génial", comme tu dis si souvent ! (smile!)
sophie delhoulle

Veo en Nurdogan a una persona que ama a su país. Es para mi un honor contarme entre tus amigos. El sitio es más que increible. Satisfecho?
Claudia León Graham <>
Monterrey, Nuevo, León México

Very fantastic pictures!!
Someday,I'd like to go Istanbul.

Tokyo, JAPAN

Hope you enjoyed the Eid. Nice web site.
When do you visit SA?

Dirmü Gouws <>
Cape Town, South Africa

J'ai bien aimé ton site. Félicitations!
Vera Regina <>
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo Brasil

I love your page. It looks much better than mine does.
Ange <>
Atlanta, Georgia United States

Great site Nurdogan! I hope you will work on it a lot, and I sure will check back later:)
Love from Marte

Marte <>
Oslo, Norway

Nurdogan - Congratulations on developing a wonderful site. You know how much I love Istanbul and Turkey. Someday I will live there! Happy Seker Bayrami!
connie <>
austin, TX USA

A beautiful webpage with great graphics, interesting info and amazing artwork!
It makes me want to see Istanbul even more.
I hope I can make the trip some day, preferably sooner than later...
Thanks for your kindness and telling me about your webpage.

Jennifer Davis <>
Ithaca, NY USA

very nice web page. Lots of useful information about turkey.Keep up the good work :)
Eran klausner <>
sydney, NSW ustralia

I got your e-mail and came and am now signing your guest book, I havent had a chance to really look around that much because most of it is not done yet but what I have seen so far is really good. I hope to come back and enjoy more later.
Krysti <>
mankato, MN USA

I enjoyed your web site and hope to meet you in person when I can reschedule my trip to Istanbul> Thank you for being so kind and helping me to better understand your culture!!

Joe Power <>
Irvine, California USA

Istanbul est une ville chargée d'histoire où il fait bon découvrir Sainte Sophie, la mosquée de Soliman le Magnifique, le café de Pierre Loti, sans oublier le bazaar Egyptien. Terminer son séjour en passant chez Nurdogan pour emporter un souvenir et garder avec soi un peu d'Istanbul ! N'est-ce pas un beau programme...
J'invite tous les internautes à aller à Istanbul une fois dans leur vie !

Pascal Francois <>

This is my third visit to Istanbul and my third visit to Nurodogan's shop and I find the city and him friendly and wonderful. Being a single woman alone in Istanbul and have had no problems at all. Please feel free to contact me or Nurdogan with any questions about going solo in Turkey!!!
Cheers Paulina

Paulina Cox <>
San Francýsco, Ca 94133 USA

Hoy es my primer dia en Estambul y fue muy agradable conocer a "Sultan" (digo asi porque Nurdogan es muy dificil). Gracias por tu amabilidad y amistad. Hasta pronto. Miguel
Mýguel Arca <mýguel@bý>
Výctorýa, Buenos Aýres, Argentýna

Nice to be able to sign your guest book and say that you for being so friendly. Missed you when I was in Turkey last time but there is always another time and I will find you then for sure. It will be nice to have a friend in Istanbul (well, another one, anyway!!) Best wishes always,
James <>

Hi Nurdogan, I'll never forget
your kindness to me when I was
a stranger in Istanbul. Bets of luck in your business and thanks for the free postcards. I sent several!!
Donna Rager

donna rager <>
hoquiam, washington usa

Merhaba Nurdogen, Hope to meet you in person in September.
Joann <>
Johnstown, PA USA

Hello Nurdogan!
I have visited visited your website and founds bearutiful cards. I have just sent a post cartd to myself!!
I will introduce this to my Japanese friends! Please visit my site again. Many Japanese will be waitting for you as a penpal!! See ya!

Hisako <>
Tokyo, Japan

Bonjour Nürdogan,

Ton site web est vraiment
Je suis impressionee

Sinceres Salutations,

Ozlem Demir <>
London, England