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Please Contact Us For a Surprise Present

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you can be old Istanbul couple

you can be an Ottoman sultan and lady sultan

Will you be my Valentine ?

Will you be my Sultan ?

Capture the past in a picture and make your fantasies come true....
         Pose in real costumes of handsome Old Istanbul gentlemen and beautiful ladies; look like an Ottoman sultan or a Byzantian emperor, act like an attractive belly dancer.

you can be a Byzantian king and queen

The most memorable memory of your visit....
       Dreamland Photo House takes your pictures in an authentic studio and makes a fun moment last forever.
Take away pictures in 10 minutes.
       Your trip to history takes only 10 minutes in our studio. Your color, black and white, sephia or oil painting picture is ready in no time. You can also have your picture on a postcard, calendar, cover of magazine , etc.

you can be an attractive belly dancer

Pictures speak where words fail
       What better way to express your feelings when your dream comes true ! What better way to fantasize that you were somebody else in another time zone ! A long lasting memory to prove that you were in Turkey and belonged to the history.

Dreamland Photo House
Alemdar Mahalllesi Yerebatan Caddesi 15/6 Sultanahmet - Istanbul 34410
Tel : + 90 212  522 97 23 - 520 10 81

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