Dedications go out to:
The Les Art Turcs team:

Melih - our busiest painter, gives lessons, and loves humanity.
Ferit - the young apprentice, a dedicated worker.
Mehmet - a master of oil paintings, an orientalist.
Betul - the art director. Alumni of Mimar Sinan Fine Art University
Banu - artist, fine arts, whirling dervishes.
Seda - artist, skilled hand with a brush
Ebru - artist, wooden work
Cemile - artist from Kazakistan, her father is a famous sculptor
Adem - artist, water colors
Bayram - the often imitated artist, but never replaced
Cemal - artist, professor of Moscow textile institute.
Sergei - artist, lover of old Istanbul.
Murat - artist, Turkish sculptor.
Aynur - artist, Turkish sculptor.
Tarkan - artist, painter or miniatures
Seyda - artist, abstract paintings
Handan - artist, abstract paintings
Marie Bery - French photographer, lives in Istanbul
Sophie - French mosaist, lives in Istanbul.
Osman - great calligrapher.
Metin - lover of Sufism
Sukru Caglayan - artist, big watercolors.
Melek Hanim - Turkeys proud artist.
Yusuf - nature lover
Aydin - big salesman
Nurettin - tour guide
Levent - our chuckling lover or art and women.
Quinn - the under-slept geek from California.
Rinaldo - the city commentator.
Ali - support and humor from a different level.
Nurdogan - The visionary

Our supporters:

Paul Newman - showed us the way.
Francis - help with translations.
JGreene - courage, and writings.
Elaine Taveau - photographer
Gian Antonio Rota - miscellaneous help and support
Eric Piottin - miscellaneous help and support
Delphine - miscellaneous help and support
Laila - Norweigen, our first Internet eye-opener
Yamamoto - architect and professor in the fine art university
Takeshi Taira - famous Japanese photographer
Didier Angelo from Le Guide Du Routard - writer
John and Lisa from Lonelyplanet - writer
Sean Ekeener from BootsnAll - writer
Behacher - miscellaneous help and support
Norret Danielle - miscellaneous help and support
Maridek - miscellaneous help and support
Cindy - our first hand helper
Myrna - lover of Turkey
Fazah - miscellaneous help and support.
CKulla - lover of Turkey
Tove Bjorneset - teacher in Bergen university in Norway.
Dan Bronsky - American humanist
Dominique - our Mother Theresa.
Eartquake man (Douglas) - never left us alone during the earthquake
Eric Biegala (Correspondant Istanbul- le figaro-le point-le soir-le temps) -
Jerome Bastion - (correspondant Istanbul -radiofranceinternational)
Carlson Wagonlit-Saint Omer - miscellaneous help and support.
Donatello-Carole - miscellaneous help and support.
Jean Michel Carre - miscellaneous help and support.
Costa Crosieres-Corinne-Michelle - miscellaneous help and support.
Ibis - miscellaneous help and support.
Litmanovic Vanessa - miscellaneous help and support.
Iqbal Akhoun - miscellaneous help and support.
Wilfrid from IBM France - our first inspiration for e-commerce.
Atais-Shaukat N. Sam -
Veronique Marechal -
Monier Florence -
Rosetti Angelo -
Danielle D'Agostino -
Nadive Savary-Planet -
Mario Zattarin -
Paula Frondizi -
Italo Lay -
Pubbli Cawa -
La Stampa -
Arka -
Marisa Garcia -
Ubatur -
Farid Abrao David -
( Deputado Estadual -Rio ) -
Jonh Stuercke -
Kopi Cafe -
Fame -
Go Travel -
Grahame Niemann -
Westcan Treks -
Al-Ways Travel -
Peter Knobel -
John Mods -
Charles C.Destefano -
Franky Kneefee -
Mediterranean Odysseys -
La Mura von Boelling -
Richard D.Bowdon B.S -
Gloria Mullins -
James Denker -
Masafumi -
Takeshi Taira -

Special thanks to:

Interguide - Murat and the team from Interguide are our angel computer guides.
Anadolu Kredi Kartlari - Director Muhittin Bey and Metin Bey. VISA and MasterCard representitives of Istanbul. Our first supporters, financial and otherwise.
Firat - guides, help and support from the family.
Sabanci, Koc and Eczacibasi - For setting the standards of art and culture in Turkey. We hope they can keep it up, supporting the artists and painters more.
Bora Cimen Sertbas - guides, help and support from the family.
Medusa Restaurant - good food, nice friends.
Toto Hostel - nice hostel, Levent is owner.
Essel Hotel - nice hotel
Dubb Restaurants - the main source of fuel for team Les Arts Turcs. High octane Indian cuisine.
Prince Hotel - Tugba, daughter of the owner, is a great helper.
Turkmen hotel - nice stuff.
Hurriyet Newspaper - support during fire, sends books and maps.
Yurtsan Atakan - our Turkish internet inspiration.
Hakkibaba carpet - Help with fire, painting.
Golden Horn Leather - work with restoration.
The Apple Guest hostel - Levents second place. An artistic outlet (Melih's paintings are on the walls).
Arpas jewelry - Jewelry, gold
Altin Kupa Restaurants - Great Turkish teas.
Hali Sarayi Carpets - The best collection of Turkish carpets and kilims.
Askin Hotel - Dogan's hotel.
Nomade Hotel - great stuff.
Rumeli Cafe - great Turkish food.
Ambassador Hotel - great stuff.
Neat Internet Cafe - When we had any problems, the came to help.
Boncuk Gallery -
Silk Road Travel agency - nice people.
Backpackers Travel agency - Mr. Fatih, a big traveler and a big help.
Gallery Varol - great stuff.
Atlantis Hotel - great service.
Legend Hotel - great service.
Sinbad youth hostel - Husein has been very helpful.


Forgive us, we've surely missed acknowledging some of the people that are in our lives. It would be impossible to compose a list of all of the thousands to whom we give thanks. Please send us a note so we can put you on the list.