Buying advise

Buying an oriental rug is an important decision. We feel strongly that our best customer is an educated one, but we realize that not everyone has had an opportunity to learn about rugs.We have included here some information that we feel will help you make a balanced and informed decision about your oriental rug purchase.

The most important factor in buying a rug is whether or not you love the rug. A rug that you love will give you more pleasure than a rug that seems to be a bargain. In the world of rugs there are seldom bargains. Rug dealers almost always know more about rugs than their customers. Dealers have been involved with rugs for many years. Ultimately you must come to trust the dealer, and this can take more than an afternoon.

Those new to rug-buying should expect their eye to develop. They will come to appreciate quality that might not be obvious at first. This too can take time.

Good dealers will have rug books on their shelves. Ask the dealer what books he particularly likes. Hopefully he sells reference books as a service to his customers. Avoid "going-out-of-business" sales and hotel "auctions" that advertise "seized goods." You won't find either the best rugs or the best prices. There isn't a better bargain than the rug you buy from an honest, informed dealer.

There is never an issue of child abuse with our rugs. We know our weavers personally and work directly with them and our customers for the best possible result for all concerned. We can't emphasize that point enough. It is important to distinguish between child abuse and child labor. Tribal children in northwest Pakistan don't have the option of public schools. Their work is connected with the welfare of the family. They are not chained to looms. They do play with other children. We know. We have been there. Children who are weavers in the context of their family life are far better off than children who work as shepherds in Greece or as migrant fruit pickers in America. The issue is not child labor, but child abuse. And the underlying causes of child abuse are poverty and the lack of mandatory schooling.

Rugs in our shop have a distinctive look and feel. They are hand woven of handspun wool, which is washed only with mild soap and water before being dyed. This process helps to retain the natural oil that makes wool such a wonderful fiber. Rugs made of this wool resist stain and last longer. Our rugs also look different because of natural dyes, which are derived from vegetable matter. These dyes constitute a renewable resource, are less toxic than chemical dyes, and have a lovely glow about them. You will find our rugs beautiful, unusual and affordable.

We also offer a variety of antique rugs as well as rugs from tribal and independent weavers and producers throughout the world. Special order and custom design is an interesting option for those who do not find what they want on hand. We travel overseas and import most of our rugs directly.